Audio lectures - Fr. James Berends

We are very pleased to offer an abbreviated audio of our Orthodoxy 201 sessions offered during the Autumn of 2015 and led by our priest, Fr. Jim Berends. Please click the titles below to listen.
Covering two millennia of Church history from various parts of the world is a monumental challenge in selecting what is included and what is to be omitted. Furthermore, you the listener/seeker select that which is of most interest to you.

We hope you find the following selections helpful as you continue on your spiritual journey.

A big Thank You to Cynthia Kay Afendoulis and her crew for facilitating these recordings.

1. Everything you wanted to know about Orthodoxy but were afraid to ask.

2. What's a nice SOB (Son of a Baptist)doing in the GOA?

3. Where in the Bible is the Holy Trinity expicitly stated?

4. History's biggest surprise: God becoming man

5. Is Christ a monogamist? Does he have one, two or many brides?

6. Who is right? A smorgasboard of denominations.

7. Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, save us.