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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
330 Lakeside Drive NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 454-6563




The choir at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids has been singing since the 1930s. the choir led by a director who works closely with the parish priest in preparing the choir for the Sunday liturgy. Membership in the choir is an honor and several have been members for over 60 years.

Currently, the director is Elizabeth Sarafis, who introduces the members to new music and new interpretation of current music. The choir sings in four-part harmony, using Byzantine tonality. The intricacy of the unusual beat and tonal intervals have led our director to strongly recommend that members attend choir practice, which is held during the academic year (September to May) on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 until 9PM. Additional practices can be called for special occasions.

In 1983, the choir hosted the Mid Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs (MEFGOX) in their annual conference, a major venture. Certain choir members have consistently attended these conferences, held in mid-July, in a variety of cities from upstate New York, Ontario, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, northern Kentucky, and Indiana. In addition, choir members attend workshops to improve breathing, conducting, Byzantine notation; they also are an opportunity to learn new music and a chance to renew acquaintances with choirs from other parts of the district.

 Elizabeth Sarafis - Choir Director
Sopranos Altos
Cynthia Afendoulis Joan Bogdan
Susan Crosser (Youth Choir Director) Gloria Brom
Jennifer Dalton Deb Khoriaty
Jasmine Davlantes Ginger Lange
Reyna Espinosa Connie Lemmink
Georgia Gorant Maria Nicholas
Athena Hodge Linda Triant
Leitsa Katsampes Connie VanderSchel
Anne Keller  
Cassandra Kroondyk  
Marina Monoyios  
Jane Patsakos  
Jelena Petricevic  
Chrisa Sellas  
Becky Trierweiler  
Tina Trierweiler  
Tammy VanMeter  
Tenors Basses
Chris Afendoulis Douglas Everse
Simon Brom Paul Georgacakes
Paul Chardoul Johnny Theodore
Dean Georgacakes James Triant
Mark Gray Steve Afendoulis (part time)
Tom Herin George Cassis (part time)
Trevor Herin  
Daniel Mol  


Some of our choir members have learned more than one voice and are our "switch hitters," depending on the overall needs of the choir.

The choir is always attempting to recruit new members, particularly the youth who are no longer attending Religious Education classes.
The choir is not a professional organization but strives to improve the quality of the music presented on Sundays and sometimes at other occasions while enjoying the spirituality of praising God and assisting the congregation during the Liturgy and other religious services.

"The purpose of Church songs is precisely to make the spark of grace which is hidden within us burn brighter and with greater warmth."


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